Today Chris Bathum will be sentenced to jail.

As many of you know, I've been waiting for this day to come for over 9 years. Not because its Valentines day, although in many ways today is symbolic for many of us besides giving flowers, cards, and nice dinners.Today is the day we find out more about the #rehabmogul and how long he will be sentenced to jail. Anything is possible today. The Judge Charlaine Olmedo, will decide his fate. He was sentenced for 20 years last month for the Fraud case plus restitution. We don't know if the Rape case will end today. Or if the Rape case will be done all over again because of the District Attorneys blunder of failing to provide the video I made of Hayley Gravino back in 2016.

I'd like to invite as many people as can fit in the court house today to witness history being made.

Please join me as we celebrate freedom and justice and FINALLY get to begin the process of making closure from this harrowing story for many of us. Many people have been injured from the thousands of crimes committed by Chris Bathum and Kirsten Wallace. Together, they billed the insurance industry over 175 Million in fake medical bills. That's right: fake medical bills. That means they set up companies pretending to be detox and medical treatment centers. When in reality, they were nothing more than fly by night, illegal flop houses for unsuspecting victims that Bathum and Wallace would use to bill fake medical services. One of the parents of a victim from Colorado sent me a copy of her sons insurance bill for one month and it was over $240,000! No joke. She reached out to me after reading some of my posts on social media. She was crying and absolutely horrified by what was happening to her son Alex. Bathum was literally using young addicts seeking treatment and a better life and stealing from their identity. In other words: young, unsuspecting addicts hitting bottom in life with drugs and alcohol would get "recruited" by body brokers who find these victims at AA meetings and offer them "free rehab". Once these victims are taken to a big house far away in the hills, they would go through the fake intake process and sign dozens of documents that looked like real hospital forms. But after ten or twenty signatures, there would be credit card authorization forms and bank accounts with routing numbers (to deposit money) and bill for "services". Other documents were for power of attorney, which means Bathum would have legal rights to basically kidnap and torture these people if he felt like it. Bathum would routinely send these people to psyche wards called a 5150, and then prescribe them up to 8 prescription drugs at the maximum dosage and literally turn these people into walking zombies. He would take away their cell phones, credit cards, drivers license, medical cards...and keep them from contacting the outside world long enough for his magic to kick in. What kind of magic? Not card tricks or a rabbit from a hat. Bathum was a skilled hypnotherapist and was able to use sophisticated techniques that only worked on a small percentage of his victims. But once they were under his "spell", he could trick them into signing away their life rights and be used as human trafficking pawns in his rehab fraud schemes. Nobody was getting sober. Nobody was getting better. In fact, people were over dosing and dying often. Many have been re-traumatized and their lives turned upside down. The collateral damage to the victims and their families and society as a whole was in the hundreds of millions. Bathum affected thousands of people and harmed them in ways that will be felt for the rest of their lives. For generations.

Today, we all can rest while we see a monster sentenced to jail for a long time. If all goes well, the Judge has the power to send Bathum to jail for life. Or, he could be out of jail in 5 years. There is no way of telling how this drama will unfold. We can only hope and pray he isn't let out of jail any time soon. Bathum probably would set up shop in some other city, and hire doctors and steal their NPI #'s and continue his late night advertising with fake websites and funnel victims to new scams. Bathum has a sickness that few can imagine how serious and horrible it is. He suffers from being addicted to sadistic behaviours from drugging and raping young girls and stealing from families and insurance companies. He also is addicted to harming people in every way imaginable. Not so much physically, but primary psychologically. I should know. After I sued him and won, the Judge awarded me over half a million in mental health damages for pain and suffering. But don't worry, it was bad a few years ago, but I have recovered 100% and today will be another affirmation that Justice will be served and we can all move on with our lives.

I made a little video last night inviting everyone to come to court and witness this monster get sentenced. Please take a look and spread the word.

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