Witness History @ Chris Bathum Sentencing this Friday

I'd like to cordially invite everyone who has ever been harmed by Chris Bathum to join me this Friday at 8:30am to watch Chris Bathum get sentenced for his Fraud and Sex Crimes. Bathum stole my investment of $650,000 in his fake rehab scam originally called: "Walking Miracles", which later became the prototype for his infamous CRLA major fraudulent enterprise. Little did I know that my investment would end up being used to harm thousands of people, when I thought it was going to help save lives; not destroy them!

After 9 years of fighting Chris Bathum in and out of the court system, we can all rest at night that FINALLY: justice will have been served.

I want to thank all of the brave whistleblowers that contacted me through Facebook and through word of mouth. All of our evidence was put together by me and my team and shared with the law enforcement community. Special thanks goes out to Detective Jeffrey Jackson and Deputy District Attorney Shaun Gipson, as well as Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller. Fantastic job!

I also want to thank all of the behind the scenes whistleblowers, some of whom were:

Tony Evans, who was the primary whistleblower who alerted me about the scope and depth of Bathum's crimes.

Hayley Gravino for reaching out to me for help with her rape assaults and huge insurance violations.

Stephanie Johnston, who reached out to me about her sex assaults.

Jennifer Irick, who came to me for help about her being drugged and raped. Sadly, she overdosed after the trauma from Bathums violations.

Alexis Lara contacted me about Amanda and Samantha's abuse. Alexis also died of an overdose recently.

Cyril Palacios, for being there from the beginning back in 2011 at Walking Miracles and in Bankruptcy Court.

Lisa Tennison, who contacted me for help from Denver about her son Alex.

Rebecca Arvizu, who needed help for her son Josh.

Ryan Oglesbee, who needed help from the insurance scams.

Kathie the "whistle blower", who helped me bring insider evidence to Det. Jackson regarding the Fraud Factory

case at Bathum's Crest Drive house.

Halle Holland Radcliffe, who contacted me from Facebook about her sponsee, Amanda.

Rebecca Meyers, for her courageous story coming forward about her kidnap, drugging and gang rapes at CRLA.

Louis Cariati for providing evidence about the insurance scams.


Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center

210 W Temple St.

9th floor, room 105

Los Angeles CA 90012

Get there early! Open to the public. Door opens at 8:30am.

See you there!

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