17 days to go...

But who's counting?

In 17 days, Chris Bathum will be sentenced for 31 felony sex assault crimes, including rape. Many of us, who are in the know, are aware that the crimes that he was caught for and convicted, were just the tip of the iceberg. But at least the cops and sheriff and prosecutors were able to get him busted for those 31 crimes. If the Judge and Jury do their homework and do what's right: I'm guessing he'll get 25 to life. I calculated, that if he gets the maximum amount of jail time it would be 88 to 277 years in prison. But we all know that's not going to happen. For whatever reason: people like him somehow weasel their way out of having to stay in prison as long as they should. But don't worry: he's not going anywhere anytime soon. It is highly likely he'll rot in jail for the rest of his unworthy life.

I have been praying for years that he won't get the death penalty. That would have been way too kind. He needs to sit in jail, in that little room, all by himself, so he can't thin about what he did. He can write that book that he always wanted to! He can dream up some more of his complexity theory and tell all his friends in jail all the good news! Apparently, from what I've been told, convicts in prison don't take too kindly towards sex predators, perverts and rapists. Because that's what he is: a perverted, pathetic sorry excuse of a loser with no ability to get girls unless he DRUGS them at his fake rehab. Think about how lame that is. How wrong that is. How fucked up that is.

Someone actually spent all their time perfecting ways to lure unsuspecting people, hitting bottom in life, with credit cards and insurance to come to his fake business that LOOKED like a rehab. They had doctors and client advocates, and breath workers and yoga and a cook and pool parties...it looked really great. But it wasn't. It was a charade. It was a hoax. It was a scam. In technical terms it was: a major fraudulent enterprise. Doesn't really sound that bad when you hear it. "Oh, it was just white collar crime...you know, some guy in his underwear at 4am making fake websites advertising to people who are desperate and dying inside". Doesn't really sound the terrible. Right?


I'll tell you what Chris Bathum was. He was a psychopath who preyed on human flesh and their souls. It wasn't just about the money, although one could argue that it was ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. It was more than that. It was about getting off sexually by harming as many people as he could. Some sort of sadistic criminally insane fuck up going on in that twisted, shriveled up brain of his.

17 days people. That's when the party gets started. I invite you all to join me in the festivities at the courthouse. Get their early so you can get a good seat.

Where: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 210 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States

When: 8:30 am

Why: because it would mean a lot to me if a lot of people came to witness history being made

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