Rehab Mogul on the run...

As I wait to hear from the Court Clerk who will soon give us all the final decision regarding the 5 year legal battle I have waged against Chris Bathum, Kirsten Wallace and Michele Garcia, the madness and domestic terror continue. Once again, an all too common pattern of unlicensed, illegal residential treatment flop houses run by the "rehab mogul" convicted felon Chris Bathum, continues to destroy lives and wreak havoc on the entire community. Why on God's earth hasn't anyone done something to stop these people? I can only do so much. I've spent over $350,000 of my own money in legal battles, leading the charge against these unscrupulous people, paving the way for all the others who are now following suit. This epic story of good versus evil will continue to escalate and I warn those who break the law and hurt people to watch their back. Many forces much more powerful than they are will strike down upon them with furious vengeance. Much sooner than anyone knows.

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