As many of you know, I've been waiting for this day to come for over 9 years. Not because its Valentines day, although in many ways today is symbolic for many of us besides giving flowers, cards, and nice dinners.Today is the day we find out more about the #rehabmogul and how long he will be sentenced to jail. Anything is possible today. The Judge Charlaine Olmedo, will decide his fate. He was sentenced for 20 years last month for the Fraud case plus restitution. We don't know if the Rape case will end today. Or if the Rape case will be done all over again because of the District Attorneys blunder of failing to provide the video I made of Hayley Gravino back in 2016. 

I'd like to invite as many people as can fit in the court house today to witnes...

I'd like to cordially invite everyone who has ever been harmed by Chris Bathum to join me this Friday at 8:30am to watch Chris Bathum get sentenced for his Fraud and Sex Crimes. Bathum stole my investment of $650,000 in his fake rehab scam originally called: "Walking Miracles", which later became the prototype for his infamous CRLA major fraudulent enterprise. Little did I know that my investment would end up being used to harm thousands of people, when I thought it was going to help save lives; not destroy them!

After 9 years of fighting Chris Bathum in and out of the court system, we can all rest at night that FINALLY: justice will have been served.

I want to thank all of the brave whistleblowers that contacted me through Facebook and through wo...

Ok, so here is the Rape Trial news regarding Chris Bathum and myself from KNBC 4. (I'll get a higher quality video soon):

Somehow, I was asked to be interviewed by KNBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles. We had a nice time at my studio and Phil Drecshler did a good job coaching me and directing me. He never told me what to say, although he did assist me sometimes when I would forget exactly what I was saying and keep me on track. Just like when I helped Hayley Gravino stay on track when I reminded her what she had just told me. She told me that she had been drugged and raped by Chris Bathum. Apparently, the Prosecutor and District Attorney forgot to do some technical thing and now the defense attorney Spiga is trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat and crea...

 Today, Phil Drecshler came over to my house for a big interview. I can't go into all the details right now.

But its about a big development in the Chris Bathum Rape case. 

I forgot to post this a while back. It was during Thanksgiving when I went back east to Boston to visit with friends and family. I was pleasantly surprised to get invited to the State House of Representatives to receive an award in, you guessed it: Addiction Advocacy!

Being an Addiction Advocate is a lonely business sometimes. But once in a while, its nice to get recognized for actually doing something.

Speaking of doing something: I really hope as many people as possible show up to witness history in the making. Chris Bathum is getting sentenced for Rape and 30 other Felony Sex Assault Convictions. My guess is he'll get 25 to life, even though he deserves much more than that. I also think Bathum will try to weasel out of it and ask for an appeal...

But who's counting?

In 17 days, Chris Bathum will be sentenced for 31 felony sex assault crimes, including rape. Many of us, who are in the know, are aware that the crimes that he was caught for and convicted, were just the tip of the iceberg. But at least the cops and sheriff and prosecutors were able to get him busted for those 31 crimes. If the Judge and Jury do their homework and do what's right: I'm guessing he'll get 25 to life. I calculated, that if he gets the maximum amount of jail time it would be 88 to 277 years in prison. But we all know that's not going to happen. For whatever reason: people like him somehow weasel their way out of having to stay in prison as long as they should. But don't worry: he's not going anywhere anytime soon....

He's keeping very busy. Checkout the latest article:

Rehab Mogul Chris Bathum Scrambles to Reorganize His Company, Community Recovery Los Angeles

As one door closes, another door opens. The story of Chris Bathum and Kirsten Wallace continues to grow and change every day. These are very busy people.

Lets all keep the microscope on and carefully track and follow everything we can about these two individuals.

Here is the new URL for Commonwealth Global:

As I wait to hear from the Court Clerk who will soon give us all the final decision regarding the 5 year legal battle I have waged against Chris Bathum, Kirsten Wallace and Michele Garcia, the madness and domestic terror continue. Once again, an all too common pattern of unlicensed, illegal residential treatment flop houses run by the "rehab mogul" convicted felon Chris Bathum, continues to destroy lives and wreak havoc on the entire community. Why on God's earth hasn't anyone done something to stop these people? I can only do so much. I've spent over $350,000 of my own money in legal battles, leading the charge against these unscrupulous people, paving the way for all the others who are now following suit. This epic story of good versus evil wi...

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