Come witness Chris Bathum being sentenced for Rape and 30 Felony Sex Assault convictions.

Updated Sentencing Date:

July 17th 2020


210 W. Temple St.

9th floor, dept. 105

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Chris Bathum Rape sentencing

July 17th, 2020


A Rehab Expert

" I worked with Cliff Bradley to bring Bathum down. Nothing at all would have happened to Bathum if Cliff Bradley hadn't have pursued it."

 - Betsy Starman

A Concerned Mother

"You are an angel of God who delivered the truth to me about Bathum being a fraud!"

- Rebecca Arvizu

Honored and Protected

"You have helped me and pushed me to do the right thing from the beginning. Your persistence (despite all of Bathum's money and imaginary power) gave me the courage to come forward.  You have paved the way for all the women coming forward. I am so grateful to you and proud that you put such effort into this. Not sure I can ever thank you in words. 

- Nicole Johnston

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